Tubing Head and Spool

Tubing Head and Spool ETANG could supply different typs of tubing spool and tubing hanger under high pressure and harsh environment, all wellhead equipment could meet or exceed API 6A standards. ETANG is a most trusted brand of wellhead equipment supply since 2012.

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Tubing Head and Spool
Tubing head is in straight-hole design. Tubing hanger in various specification can be mounted. Full set of top screw assembly can be designed to fix bearing bush and hanger. Equipped with straight-hole 45 degree shoulder, the straight-hole possesses good bearing capability. Screwed flange side outlet is designed in VR plug thread. Sealing mechanism, such as BT or P type, can be considered in bottom design.
Basic parameters:
working pressure: 2,000 -20,000psi
Temperature level: KU
Material Class: AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,HH
Product specification level: PSL1-PSL4
Product performance level:PR1-PR2
Medium: oil, natural gas, slurry, gas with H2S & CO2.

API 6A Tubing head for wellhead equipment/ Christms tree
API 6A wellhead tubing head:
1)Work pressure:2,000-20,000psi
2)working temperature:-46-121℃
3)material class: AA-HH
4)Spec level:PSL1-4,PR1-2
Tubing head spools feature a versatile straight bore design for single and multiple completions. This design accepts all tubing hangers and easily converts from a single completion to multiple completion with the addition and alignment pins.
Straight Bore Design:
Features a 45° landing shoulder capable of supporting maximum loads.
Manufacturing Standard:
API Spec 6A, PSL2, DD,P U,PR1.
Line Pipe Outlets;
Studded Side Outlets.
Tubing Hanger Compatibility:
Tubing heads accept a wide variety of tubing hanger styles including mandrel and wrap-around.
Bottom Connections:
For use with PE secondary seal bushing;
For use with HPE secondary seal bushing for high pressure applications.
Tubing heads are supplied with lock-screws.
Available Sizes:
Available with 7-1/16” nominal bowl compatible with 7-5/8” production casing,9” nominal bowl compatible with 8-5/8” production casing and 11” nominal bowl compatible with 9–5/8” production casing.

Tubing head Spool of different sizes and pressure ratings

Bottom Flange

Top flange


11" with 2000-10000 psi

7 1/16"-11" with 2000psi-15000psi


13 5/8" with 2000-10000 psi

7 1/16"-11" with 3000psi-15000psi


16 3/4" with 2000-10000 psi

13 5/8" with 2000-10000 psi


20 3/4" with 3000 psi

13 5/8" with 3000-5000 psi


21 1/4" with 2000psi

13 5/8" with 2000-3000 psi


21 1/4" with 5000psi

13 5/8" with 5000-10000 psi


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