Casing Head and Spool

Casing Head and Spool

Casing Head and Spool Casing head spools are provided with a seat for secondary sealing. The lower flange can be provided with a second smaller supplementary ring gasket allowing the maximum pressure build-off with one stage.

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Product Details

API 6A High Pressure Casing Head 

Casing head is the component to connect casing and wellhead equipment. It could support the weight of intermediate casing and production casing, and seal annulus between different casing. It could provide the transition connection for mounting BOP, tubing head and Christmas tree. Operations like filling/squeezing cement, monitoring wellbore pressure and injecting balance mud could be thru two side outlets of casing head body.

Our product is standard structure, and casing hanger is assembled inside the body. Top of the casing head is API 6B/6BX standard flanged connection.

Available options:

● Bottom connection of casing head: API standard STC/LTC/BTC threading type, or slip-on welding type, or slip lock type.

● Assembling welding type support tray.

● Side outlet connection type: threading(LP) or studded. Studded side outlet is with VR female thread for VR screwed plug.

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