Production Equipment

  • Tubing Head and Spool

    Tubing Head and Spool

    Tubing Head and Spool ETANG could supply different typs of tubing spool and tubing hanger under high pressure and harsh environment, all wellhead equipment could meet or exceed API 6A standards. ETANG is a most trusted brand of wellhead equipment supply since 2012.Read More

  • Casing Head and Spool

    Casing Head and Spool

    Casing Head and Spool Casing head spools are provided with a seat for secondary sealing. The lower flange can be provided with a second smaller supplementary ring gasket allowing the maximum pressure build-off with one stage.Read More

  • Oil Gas Christmas Tree

    Oil Gas Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree ETANG design and manufacture the wellhead and christmas tree in according with API 6A standards, also can be supplied to meet the complete material class, temperature range and PSL & PR level requirements. We have lots of type of wellhead for choice,such as...Read More

  • Special Sucker Rod

    Special Sucker Rod

    Special Sucker Rod Special sucker rod is to satisfy the demand of high torque of PC pump. We developed special sucker rod with higher torque resistance which could bear the torque up to 7500N.m based on general hollow sucker rod.Read More

  • Hollow Sucker Rod

    Hollow Sucker Rod

    Hollow Sucker Rod Hollow sucker rod is a kind of special product which is designed for producing high condensation oil, high viscosity oil and high paraffin oil. It forms a passage inside the rod string, which can achieve all kinds of its functions.Read More

  • Solid Sucker Rod

    Solid Sucker Rod

    Soild Sucker Rod Solid scuker rod is the essential part in the rod production system, is used to connect the pumping unit on the ground and the oil well pump down in the well. Products comply with Specifications of Sucker Rods (API Spec 11B) and other related standards.Read More

  • Electrical Submersible Pump

    Electrical Submersible Pump

    ESP(Electrical Submersible Pump) The electrical submersible pump, typically called an ESP, is an efficient and reliable artificial lift method for lifting moderate and high volume of fluids from wellbores. These volumes range from a low of 150 B/D to as much as 150,000 B/D....Read More

  • Progressive Cavity Pump

    Progressive Cavity Pump

    Screw Pump Single screw pump for oil production is a new type of mechanical extracting equipment, applicable for the oil exploitation of high viscosity crude oil, high pour point oil, high wax-bearing oil, high sand and gas content oil, etc.Read More

  • Rod Pump

    Rod Pump

    Rod Pump ETANG could supply all types of rod pump for most challenging operation environment. We continued our high standard of product delivery standards, after sales service since 2012.Read More

  • Tubing Pump

    Tubing Pump

    Tubing Pump ETANG could supply all types of sucker rod tubing pump, and our core advantage is strict quality standards, competitive cost with satisfied after sales service.Read More

  • Belt Driven Pumping Unit

    Belt Driven Pumping Unit

    Belt Driven Pumping Unit A pumping unit has very large series connected crank and flywheel sheaves. The crank sheave is connected to oscillate a walking beam which reciprocates a horsehead attached to a bridle. The bridle is connected to a polished rod associated with a...Read More

  • Beam Balanced Pumping Unit

    Beam Balanced Pumping Unit

    Beam Balanced Pumping Unit API B series beam balanced pumping unit has features of reliable performance, simple structure, easy to operate and maintain, mature in technology. Technical parameters meet API 11E standard.Read More

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We are professional production equipment suppliers in China, mainly engaged in providing reliable and cost effective oilfield drilling equipment for oil and gas upstream industry and petroleum industry. All production equipment are in line with API standard. Welcome to buy.