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What Is The Use Of Geothermal Drilling?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

When talking about geothermal drilling, ordinary people must first think of hot spring bathing. In fact, geothermal drilling is far more than just these simple uses. Geothermal is divided into three categories: high temperature, medium level and high temperature. Above 150 °C, it exists in steam condition. It is a high-temperature geothermal; 90 ° C ~ 150 ° C, in the presence of a mixture of water and steam, etc., is moderate temperature geothermal; above 25 ° C, below 90 ° C, with warm water, warm water, hot water and other situations, It is a high temperature geothermal. Next we will come together to find out exactly what is the use of geothermal drilling.

1, high temperature geothermal power generation, medium temperature geothermal power generation, can also be used for Hengyu heating, high temperature geothermal can be used for bathing, medical treatment, can also be used for heating and greenhouse cultivation, aquaculture, etc.

2. The first place to use for power generation. It is not uncommon to use a geothermal power station powered by medium-temperature hot water abroad. Alaska has built a unit that uses 72°C geothermal water to generate electricity. In China's Yunnan Tengchong, there is also a medium-temperature power generation. station.

3, geothermal wells can also be used for heating. In addition to environmental protection, energy saving, geothermal heating technology is simple and easy, the temperature request is also relatively wide, from 15 ° C ~ 180 ° C temperature scale can be applied. And 103 ° C public heat Water, just to avoid heating, indirectly led to the heating system for heating.

4, geothermal should stop the "step" application, such as permitting the geothermal resources "to make the best use", the first step for heating; the second step into the hot spring fishing, to supply floor heating; the third step is aquaculture, Later, it was introduced to the hot spring planting and picking base, which was used for special vegetables and flowers and various fresh fruits for planting and watering. At the end, it was discharged into the lake of the hot spring park, so that it did not freeze in winter and the green water was always clear.

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