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What Are The Substantial Uses Of Hot Spring Drilling?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Hot spring drilling is now widely used in the tourism industry. In addition to relieving people's pressure and hot medical effects, our hot spring drilling companies will talk about the use of hot spring drilling.

The application of geothermal energy in the medical field has attractive prospects. Hot mineral water is regarded as a valuable resource, which is cherished by all countries in the world. Because the geothermal water is extracted from the deep underground to the ground, in addition to the higher temperature, Often contains some special chemical elements, so that it has a certain medical effect. For example, carbonated mineral water for drinking, can regulate gastric acid, balance the body's pH; iron-containing mineral water can be used to treat iron deficiency anemia; Sulphur water and hydrogen bath can treat neurasthenia and arthritis, skin diseases, etc. Due to the medical effects of hot springs and the special geological and geomorphological conditions accompanying the hot springs, hot springs often become tourist attractions, attracting a large number of health care providers and tourists. There are more than 1,500 spa sanatoriums in Japan, attracting 100 million people to recuperate in these nursing homes every year. China has a long history of using geothermal treatment diseases, and there are many hot springs containing various mineral elements. Therefore, it is very useful to develop the hot spring health care industry by giving full play to the role of geothermal medicine. .

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