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What Are The Advantages Of Geothermal Drilling Equipment?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

At present, geothermal drilling equipment in China, with the further development of geothermal development and the advancement of drilling technology in various other fields, has also corresponding development. There are many types of geothermal drilling equipment, which can basically meet the needs of geothermal drilling in the geothermal development process. In the middle, it gradually plays an increasingly important role. So what are the advantages of geothermal drilling equipment? 

1. Easy to assemble and disassemble

Geothermal drilling equipment is relatively large compared to water wells. It is convenient for assembly and disassembly, shortens the construction period, and the components of the drilling rig, such as rigs and machines, must achieve light weight and integrity.

2. The capacity of the winch and the automatic drilling device

Geothermal drilling is a large-diameter drilling. The drilled stratum is mostly hard, broken and high-temperature rock. The load and rotation of the drill bit are important factors influencing the drilling, so the capacity of the winch is large, and the drilling speed and labor saving should be improved. Automatic drilling device.

3. Conventional drilling large displacement mud pump

After the circulating mud contacts the high temperature formation during the drilling process, it is heated to the boiling point immediately, and there is a danger of gushing, and the high temperature has a great influence on the drill bit, and the performance of the mud itself also changes, which often causes the wall to collapse. To control the temperature of the well safely, it must be equipped with a large displacement mud pump that matches the mud cooling device.

4. Anti-spray device

When drilling, the state of the well changes sharply, and the hot water or hot steam surge is most likely to occur. This type of device is a heat-resistant protective device capable of quickly stopping the bursting.

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