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The Distinction Between Geothermal Drilling Is Really Diverse.
- Jul 06, 2018 -

It should be known that geothermal drilling is a necessary means for the exploration and development of geothermal resources. The quality of drilling construction is related to the success of the project. The geothermal drilling company introduces that the development of geothermal wells is getting more and more deep. Due to the large depth and complex formation, the construction is difficult. Combining the oil drilling process with the water supply well process, a unique geothermal drilling process has been formed. After the geothermal drilling company sorted out, the main categories of geothermal drilling are as follows.

1. Geological exploration wells:

It is mainly used to understand the stratigraphic structure, thickness, burial depth, and fault structure of the exploration area. It is mostly used in areas where the basic geological conditions are unknown and the exploration risk is very high. Usually, the core with smaller diameter is drilled, but the most Good can also carry out a simple pumping test.

Second, exploration and integration of wells:

Through geophysical exploration, data collection and comprehensive analysis, it is believed that the exploration area has the conditions for the formation of underground thermal storage, but there are still some important data to be identified, and more drilling and mining combined wells are the most widely used in geothermal exploration in our province. A type of drilling. The diameter of the well is large, and the surface casing part should meet the requirements of the pumping chamber of the submersible pump. According to the existing geological problems, a small number of cores can be taken in sections.

Third, mining wells (production wells):

When a geothermal field has been discovered in an area and its scope is controlled, drilling for the purpose of mining geothermal resources in accordance with a reasonable well spacing within the geothermal day. Since the location of the thermal reservoir is relatively clear, The requirements for well work are low and do not require care.

4. Recharge well (water injection well):

With the development of geothermal fields, the water level of the aquifer will gradually decline. If the water level is seriously degraded, it will pose a threat to the development of geothermal fields, especially if the thermal reservoir is sealed or the amount of mining is significantly greater than the natural recharge. Tian. Therefore, it is necessary to inject water wells to reclaim water into the reservoir to maintain the energy and water level of the thermal reservoir, so that the geothermal field can be stable for a long time.

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