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Multi-stage Reaming Drilling Method
- Jul 06, 2018 -

When multi-stage reaming drilling is used, the order of reaming at each stage has a direct impact on the drilling speed. The reaming drilling sequence should be reasonably arranged according to the geological conditions of the well and the preparation of the drill bits at all levels. The general principles of drilling sequence arrangement are:

(1) Under normal circumstances, the lead drilling should be drilled completely deep at one time. Through advanced drilling, the actual geological conditions of the entire wellbore can be further explored, and the drilling experience can be explored to verify the drilling parameters and mud performance parameters used, as well as the practical application effects of various drilling technical measures. Provide a reliable technical basis. At the same time, since the depth of the advanced drilling hole is 2.5 to 5.0 m deeper than the depth of the reaming hole, the influence time required for salvage due to the dropping of small items under the hole during drilling can be avoided.

(2) The intermediate graded reaming drilling can be drilled completely deep at one time, and then the next level of reaming can be drilled. Alternatively, the next level of drilling can be drilled without drilling deep, drilled to the corresponding depth, and then drilled into the previous one. The remainder of the stage, ie cross-reaming drilling. What kind of drilling method is used depends mainly on the drill bit or drill preparation, geological conditions or other relevant conditions, and generally has no significant impact on drilling efficiency.

(3) The last stage of reaming directly affects the drilling quality of the wellbore. It is better to take a deeper drilling method, which can shorten the maintenance time of the wells in the alluvial interval, which is conducive to maintaining the stability of the well and preventing the well from collapsing. Or reduce the diameter of the well.

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