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Is Geothermal Survey Necessary For Geothermal Drilling?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Many people say that geothermal drilling is drilling a well. There is no need for geothermal surveying. Is this correct? Is this statement wrong?

In addition to the shallow geothermal use such as ground source heat pump, geothermal resources have the triple nature of "water", "heat" and "mine". Therefore, geothermal drilling is to find geothermal resources, to find water, to find heat, to comply with underground hot mineral water. The rules of occurrence, and the conditions for geothermal drilling construction, are to have enough underground hot water, no underground hot water (or water vapor), and the later geothermal operation cannot be opened. The intention of geothermal survey is to find hot water. In order to find out the geological conditions, determine the depth of geothermal water storage and the amount of water, and determine the development and use of geothermal resources, it is an indispensable operation.

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