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Introduction To The Development And Utilization Of Hot Spring Drilling Projects
- Jul 06, 2018 -

The development and utilization of hot spring drilling projects refers to spring water with a water temperature exceeding 20 ° C. It is a valuable natural resource. The development of hot spring resources has been highly valued all over the world. The development and utilization of hot spring drilling projects around the world is mainly concentrated in three aspects:

1Medical and recuperative. The hot spring contains many elements that are good for human health, and its medical use has long been valued by humans. In the 2nd century AD, the Eastern Han Dynasty scientist Zhang Heng said in the "Hot Spring Fu": "The disease is very hot, the hot spring "Pu Xia". Modern medical research believes that hot springs have therapeutic or therapeutic effects on dozens of diseases. According to the study, the cure rate of hot springs for skin diseases is 11.17%, and the average effective rate is 85.02%.

2 Utilization of industry and agriculture. Hot spring agriculture has caused widespread concern in China. Beijing uses hot spring water to develop agricultural planting and special aquaculture, and has achieved good economic benefits. Now, Beijing has planted more than 300 acres of hot spring special vegetables every year. More than 70 kinds of expensive flowers, 8 million flowers in greenhouse greenhouses.

3 The development of leisure travel functions. Hot springs are valuable tourism resources, and their functions of leisure, entertainment, vacation and sightseeing have been widely used all over the world. The spa industry in some countries is in the ascendant.

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