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Drilling Classification
- Jul 06, 2018 -

The classification of drilling is mainly determined according to the equipment capacity of the drilling machine, the geological conditions of the formation and the actual condition of the existing drill bit. In the case that the drilling machine equipment capacity can be met, the full-section drilling should be achieved as much as possible or the number of reaming times should be minimized.

At present, most of China's large-scale wellbore is mainly used. It is generally required to use the drilling method of graded reaming. The reasonable grading not only can maximize the capacity of drilling equipment, but also plays an important role in speeding up the construction of the well and reducing the engineering cost. In the design of the drilling machine, the drill bit is often graded according to the design capability of the drilling machine, but many years of practice have shown that the classification of the drilling is not exactly the same under different geological conditions. China Coal Special Drilling Company has carried out tests on multiple wells to adjust the diameter of the drill bit or to adjust the diameter of the drill bit. Most of them have achieved obvious results. Compared with the non-concurrent grade, the drilling speed has been improved. However, some wellbore drilling results are not obvious.

It can be seen that how to determine the best grading is a rather complicated problem. The influencing factors are not only many but also extremely complicated. In general, it is easier to achieve a significant effect in reducing the number of gradings in the alluvium, but it is not noticeable in rocks. In order to maximize the drilling speed and improve the drilling efficiency, when formulating the classification scheme, two or more sets of drilling construction plans should be formulated according to the specific geological conditions of the well and the previous time experience. After trial and error, Find a reasonable implementation plan.

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