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What is the power head of the drilling machine?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

The power organization of the drilling machine is an important part of the long auger drilling machine. The power head rotates the power low-speed shaft through the flange-strand drill pipe and the drill bit. The following describes the characteristics and use of the power tissue power head.

The power head uses a three-ring reduction mechanism, and this kind of deceleration structure is a properly mature product. The reducer of the large base hole has high load capacity, compact structure, low noise and long service life. It is the most ideal power device for domestic drilling rigs. It has two air-cooled motors, reducers, elbows, exhausts, lifting frames and a quick-slide configuration. During operation, the two motors rotate through the high speed of the coupling and the speed reducer, and the power low speed shaft rotates through the flanged rod and the drill bit.

The basic principle of the power organization is that the motor is driven by a gear shifting structure, which can complete the functions of boring, milling, drilling, etc. Some have guide rails and can move in a small range of straight lines, as shown in the photo, which can be fixed and cannot move. The ability to finish a simple process is usually not very accurate.

The drilling tapping spindle is a power component that can be drilled, tapped, or equipped with a multi-axis to increase efficiency. It is a commodity processing with high precision requirements, and mass production products can be equipped for automation work.

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