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What are the benefits of small well rigs maintaining good lubrication?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Our professional production of drilling machines, small drilling machines, agricultural drilling machines, rock drilling machines, small drilling machines must maintain a good lubrication state. So, what are the benefits of a small drilling machine maintaining a good lubrication state?

1. Reduce friction, which is the main function of lubricating equipment such as small drilling machines. Because of the lubricating oil film of small drilling machines, we can reduce the friction resistance in order to prevent the direct contact of the metal surfaces of several pieces of transmission. In addition, the wear and tear consumption can be reduced.

2, cooling and heat dissipation, in the high-speed rotating parts, due to friction to generate the full heat, if you do not try to spread the heat, it will continue to rise, resulting in burning parts.

3. Regarding the sealing and clogging of the small drilling machine, we have a wool felt seal on the sealed bearing cap, because the oil immersion can effectively function as a seal.

4. In addition, the small drilling machine maintains a good lubrication state and can play the role of rust protection. Small open-air drilling rigs are often blown by the wind. This is a common occurrence. It is prone to rust on metal surfaces. If we apply good grease to the surface, it can extend the life of the equipment.

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