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The working principle and working mode of the drilling machine
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Drilling machines play a very important role in modern industrial society. Drilling machines are required for home drilling, construction sites, and scientific research. However, many people do not know how the drilling machine works and how it works, as well as the characteristics of its use.

The working mode of the drilling machine is pumping reverse circulation type. Its working principle is that under the action of atmospheric pressure, the circulating fluid flows from the sedimentation tank to the bottom of the well along the annular gap of the wellbore through the backwater channel, because the turntable drives the drill pipe and drives the drill bit to rotate for drilling. The negative pressure established by the pump suction draws the debris mud into the inner cavity of the drill pipe, then rises to the faucet, and is discharged into the sedimentation tank through the mud pump. The circulating liquid after the sediment continues to flow into the wellbore, thus forming a reverse cycle. Drill into the work.

Hydraulic power head drill. The hydraulic motor is driven by the reducer and replaces the turntable and the faucet on the rotary drill with a power head moving up and down the tower to drive the drill pipe and the drill bit to rotate the rock formation. Can drill large diameter wells.

DTH oscillation reverse drilling rig. The rock formation is drilled by a combination of oscillation and reversal motion. The drill consists of a drill bit, an oscillator, a damper and a guide cylinder. The exciting force generated by the oscillator causes the entire drill to perform a cone-swing motion to break the rock formation. The compressed air reverse circulation method is used to wash the well, so that the cuttings are discharged out of the well through the conduit and the inner cavity of the drill pipe.

Compressed gas washing rotary rig. An air compressor is used instead of a mud pump on a rotary reversing rig, and compressed air is used instead of mud to wash the well. Usually used reverse circulation method, also known as gas lift reverse circulation. It is suitable for arid areas with deep wells and water shortages and frozen soil layers.

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