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Teach you how to drill correctly
- Jul 06, 2018 -

The wind drill must determine the eye position. Accurately fix the eye position according to the blasting chart. The deflection and angle of the eye should be accurate. Start with the top middle eye, insist on drilling the blasthole along the axis of the roadway, and then insert the gun stick on the blasthole. As the marking deviation of other eyes, the angle between the air leg and the bottom plate should be accurate when standing upright, and the appropriate axis advancement should be adhered to.

 When opening, drilling and retreating, the negative air legs, wind drills, braziers, and wind drills are all on the surface, so that the brazing sticks in the middle of the blasthole to avoid the broken brazier and the blasthole.

 Using the drilling measures to stabilize, according to the sitting and swinging conditions of the wind drill, adjust the shaft thrust of the wind drill to ensure the smooth drilling of the wind drill.

 In the course of operation, it is necessary to look at the relationship between the solder and the blasthole in the eye. Whether the rock powder scouring can be cleaned, whether the wind drill can be drilled, and it is found that an abnormal scene should be disposed of in real time.

 Pay attention to the sound of the wind drill operation to distinguish whether there is any problem, find abnormalities, and stop the operation in real time.

 According to the size of the drilling speed, the valve can be adjusted in real time to adjust the drilling speed. It is necessary to drain the powder in order to avoid the welding of the solder, and to rectify the air duct and the water pipe, so as not to hinder the other courses, and adjust the height and angle of the air leg.

 The spirit of thinking is concentrated. When you are eye-catching, pay attention to quality and safety, and avoid the energy and distraction.

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