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Method for improving the working efficiency of well drilling machinery
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Drilling machinery has important applications in engineering. In the process of operation, it is a lot of technical personnel who want to improve the working efficiency of the drilling machine. There are many methods. Let me introduce you to improve the fight. The method of mechanical efficiency of wells.

Before drilling the well, the parts must be inspected. The clean water enters the well pipe through the water filter hole. The various mechanisms are tested and the machine can be operated after confirming the normal operation.

Piling site requires flat, solid, dust-free, no high-voltage line, no obstacles, the well should not be too deep, generally 8-12m is more suitable. Underground without holes, no buried objects, no water after rain, when the moving water level is from the ground Above sm, do not use this well type, and should set up a safe construction area, prohibit pedestrians from entering or staying. The sleepers should be laid on a solid and flat ground, the track grounding resistance is not more than 10Ω, the rail distance deviation should not exceed ±0.6cm, the track joint The board connection must be secure.

 There is a strict regulation on the operation of the well drilling machinery. For example, the most basic requirement of the well drilling machinery is that the operator must be certified to work, so the large salt is added to the flower tube before the well is drilled, and the safety operation rules and safety are observed. Production of ten disciplines. The drainage holes are not blocked, and the salt is slowly dissolved after the well is formed.

The above is an introduction to improving the working efficiency of the well drilling machinery. I believe that through the above explanation, many people will have more understanding of the methods of improving the well drilling machinery. I believe many people can gain something from it.

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