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How much does the drilling machine work?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Five working methods commonly used in drilling machines:

1 DTH vibration rotary drilling rig. The drilling machine drills into the rock formation in a combination of vibration and rotary motion. The drill consists of a drill bit, a vibrator, a damper and a guide cylinder. The exciting force generated by the vibrator causes the entire drilling tool to perform a cone-swing motion to break the rock formation. The well is washed by reverse circulation of compressed air, so that the cuttings are discharged out of the well through the conduit and the inner cavity of the drill pipe. The drilling depth can reach 150 meters.

2 hydraulic power head drill. The hydraulic motor is driven by the reducer and replaces the turntable and the faucet on the rotary drill with a power head moving up and down the tower to drive the drill pipe and the drill bit to rotate the rock formation. Can drill large diameter wells.

3 pressure gas washing well rotary rig. An air compressor is used instead of the mud pump on the rotary rotary drilling machine, and the compressed air is used instead of the mud to wash the well. Usually, the reverse circulation method is also adopted, which is also called the gas lift reverse circulation. It is suitable for arid areas with deep wells and water shortages and frozen soil layers.

4 pot cones. Rotate the soil layer with its pot-cone drill. According to the size of the drill, the cauldron cone and the small pot cone are respectively driven by human or power. The cut soil is dropped into the pot and lifted to the ground to be discharged. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and low efficacy, and is suitable for general soil layer or sand pebble soil layer. The drilling depth of the small pot cone is 80-100 meters, and the large pot cone is 30-40 meters.

Strong, drilling speed, suitable for loose formations with soil layers, sand layers and pebbles smaller than the inner diameter of the drill pipe. The drilling depth is generally within 150 meters.

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