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Drilling machine lubrication method
- Jul 06, 2018 -

The lubrication methods for drilling machines can be divided into: manual application, oil pump oil supply, closed oil bath, oil gun and oil cup pressure oil injection.

Manual oiling is the easiest way to lubricate. The lifting sprocket, pulley, rim, wire rope, chain, open gear, slide, etc. of the drilling machine are all manually filled. Manual oiling tools include oil guns, oil cups, oil brushes, and scrapers.

The drilling machine must be oiled in time according to the lubrication system. The following points must be noted in the oil injection:

1) When applying grease to open gears, chains, sprockets and other exposed parts, first remove the dirt and mud from the oiling area, and then apply oil.

2) When filling the oil on the walking part, it is necessary to inject oil around the journal. If you do not enter, you should move the rig and re-note.

3) When oiling the wire rope, it is best to heat the oil so that the oil seeps into the steel core.

4) The magic grease must be purely simmered. It is forbidden to mix oil.

5) In winter, the lubricating oil is easy to harden, and a small amount of mechanical oil can be added to stir evenly.

6) The drilling machine should be lubricated with a spiral piston propelling oil gun. This oil gun has high oil pressure and reliable oil filling.

The walking and lifting reducers of the drilling machine are all lubricated with a closed oil bath and the rotary reducer is lubricated with an oil pump.

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