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Drilling machine drilling construction management points
- Jul 06, 2018 -

1. The operator of the water well drilling rig should pass the training and be certified to work;

2. The equipment entering the field should be satisfied with the construction requirements. Before the water drilling rig is officially launched, the test operation test should be carried out, and the operating status should be stated in time;

3. The specific drilling process should be prepared. The water well drilling rig equipment should be operated and calibrated;

4. If the drilling level is not reached, the planned elevation should not be rotated. If the drill pipe is required to rotate or raise the drill pipe, the drill pipe should be lifted to the surface. The drill valve should be unblocked and closed. The operator should strictly control the thread drill bit. Falling speed and rotating speed;

5. Before starting the drilling, carefully check whether the air eye at the top of the core tube is Xiaochang, whether the concrete conveying hose is outstanding or not, and whether there is distortion.

6. During the hole forming process, when the drill pipe is shaken or the footage is slow, the footage should be slowed down to avoid the deviation of the pile hole, displacement and damage of the drill pipe and the drill.

7. The pile driver and the on-site control personnel should closely cooperate with each other. The first step is to control the pile length and enter the control of the bearing layer according to the planning requirements and the geological section of the drill.

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