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Drilling machine classification and components
- Jul 06, 2018 -

As a drilling equipment, the drilling machine can be used not only on land but also at sea. In modern industry, it plays a very important role.

Therefore, the classification of drilling rigs is quite large, and can be divided into: core drilling rigs, hydrogeological water well drilling rigs, oil drilling rigs, etc. according to the use;

According to the construction site, it can be divided into: surface drilling rig, tunnel drilling rig, submarine sinking drilling rig, etc.;

According to the way of crushing rocks, it can be divided into: rotary drilling rig, impact drilling rig and impact rotary drilling rig;

According to the drilling depth, it can be divided into: surface sampling machine (2 ~ 50 meters), shallow hole drilling machine (50 ~ 300 meters), medium and deep hole drilling machine (300 ~ 600 meters), deep hole drilling machine (600 ~ 6000 meters), ultra deep Hole drilling machine (6000 ~ 15000 meters);

Although the classification of drilling machines is quite large, the components are basically the same. Generally, it is a power machine, a power head, a hole bottom pressurization and feeding device, a winch, and the like.

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