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Correct and reasonable positioning of well drilling construction site
- Jul 06, 2018 -

It is the key to choose the construction point when using the well drilling machine. How do we decide the construction point? Is there any law that can be followed? I will share the construction site for drilling well construction today.

1. Find a low place in the high place

According to the terrain, go to the valley or the low terrain to find water. Wells, for example, in mountainous areas, groundwater is generally concentrated in the valleys, or discharged into the surface into a spring; in the valleys of the coastal or lakeside, due to the concentrated infiltration of rainwater and surface water, it is feasible to become a freshwater lens. The body is buried in the low-lying area of the valley, and the groundwater in the sand dunes in the desert area is buried shallowly in the depression between the sand dunes and the sand dunes.

2. Looking for rock formations with poor water permeability in well-permeability rock formations

In the development of rock fissures, water-permeable mountain areas (lime areas) to find water, because the rock permeability is good, precipitation seeps deep along the cracks, groundwater depths of tens of meters to hundreds of meters, in the scattered mountainous areas of the residential area to play such Deep wells currently have some difficulties. Looking for water in such areas should try to find a shallow aquifer or a relatively aquifer. In this way, the aquifer can prevent the groundwater infiltrated from the upper part from continuing to infiltrate and accumulate above the aquifer. Although this aquifer sometimes has a small amount of water, it is shallowly buried, and water for small settlements can meet the requirements.

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