Industrial Gas Equipment

Industrial Gas Equipment Full range of industrial gas equipment, cryogenic oxygen plant, high purity nitrogen plant, LNG plant etc.
  • Cryogenic Tank Trailer

    Cryogenic Tank Trailer

    Cryogenic tank trailer ETANG could supply liquid oxygen tank trailer, liquid nitrogen tank trailer, liquid argon tank trailer and LNG tank trailer.Read More

  • Cryogenic Tank Container

    Cryogenic Tank Container

    Cryogenic tank container Our cryogenic tank container is built as per ISO standard, suitable for different modes of transportation. ETANG could suppply premium quality cryogenic tank container with competitive cost.Read More

  • Cryogenic Liquid Tank

    Cryogenic Liquid Tank

    Cryogenic Liquid Tank ETANG could supply cryogenic liquid tank for liquefied gases, delivering hightest quality product with competitive cost, and we know better what customer needs and tailor our design to suit the most demanding requirement. Cryogenic tank inlcudes LOX...Read More

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We are professional industrial gas equipment suppliers in China, mainly engaged in providing reliable and cost effective oilfield drilling equipment for oil and gas upstream industry and petroleum industry. All industrial gas equipment are in line with API standard. Welcome to buy.