Drilling Diverter

Drilling Diverter

Drilling Diverter Drilling diverter is key component used for onshore drilling operation. Drilling diverter always works for the surface layer drilling before to use BOP stack. ETANG could supply quality drilling diverters which are fabricated and tested according to API standards.

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Product Details

Drilling Diverter
Drilling diverter is designed and fabricated according to SY/T 5127-2002  “Wellhead equipment & Christmas tree”, and ASME B16.47a-1998 standard.
Body is connected to head by jaws, easy to disassembly, no impact to structure and bearing capacity;
The cylinder is single acting type and closing action is hydraulically actuated while opening action is through self weight.

All moving surface are processed by anti-corrosion measures in order to protect the parts from corrosion from drilling fluid and electrochemical corrosion to rubber parts.

It improves the operational performance and extends the service life.


Diverter Model


Bore Size

749.3mm  (29 1/2”)

Rated Working Pressure

500 psi

Control pressure

≤1700 psi (recommended ≤1500 psi)

Stroke of piston

 355 mm (14”)

Seal Range

φ127~749.3mm(5”~ 29 1/2”)


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