Rig Electrical Control System

Rig Electrical Control System

Rig Electrical Control System Rig electrical control system mainly includes Motor Control Center, Varaible Frequency Drive system and Silicon Controlled Rectifier system.

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Rig Electrical Control System

Motor Control Center (MCC)

We supply state of the art intelligent type motor control center. The 75HP and smaller motors are FVNR starters controlled and motors bigger than 75HP are soft starter controlled. The motor may start/stop from the MCC panel, local motor location, or Driller’s cabin, depending on the control requirement. All motors are overload protected and their status is fully monitored from the driller’s cabin.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system

We choose Siemens or ABB Variable Frequency Drives for drilling equipment. Integration of the drives on a power grid is simple and flexible via communication bus. This versatility allows us to incorporate auto driller function. Mud pump with full torque at zero speed and an overall flexible and intelligent system. Our drawworks uses the drive system for dynamic braking, resulting in more efficient brake system with accurate positioning, less wear and tear and less frequent brake component replacement and maintenance.

Since our drawworks has full regenerative capability, excess power dissipates through the dynamic brake resistor bank. Our resistor bank are built from stainless steel and are housed in a stainless steel enclosure. Each resistor bank is equipped with temperature switch devices than report status to our control system.

Design for redundancy and interchangeability is employed for the complete drive system. In case of a VFD power module failure, the drive will adapt to the new available power. Modules are simple to change thus overall downtime is minimized. 

SCR drive system

Full digital SCR drive system could power from 1000HP to 2000HP drilling rig, and main SCR system is full digital electrical control system. The system consists of drawworks control system, rotary table control system, MCC/power supply system, mud pump control system, instrumentation, CCTV and walkie talkie etc. Each system could implement independent process control over operational requirement, meanwhile complete integrated control of whole drilling activity. 

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